Computer Softwares

> Computer Viruses Program in Assembler(BS Degree)
> It is a program that inserts serial number of harddisk or floppy disk to EXE ext. files run in DOS and protects them against illegal copies, in Assembler Download(3K, zip file)
> Fuzzy Logic Rule-Based Interpolation Algorithm for Sampled Signals Program in Visual C++ 6.0(MS Degree)
> Image Processing Program in C++ Builder 5.0
> Addressbook Program in Paradox and SQL
> Some filters for Virtualdub and Avisynth in Visual C++ 6.0
  1. Vector filters
  2. Noise filter Download(13K, zip file)
  3. Edge detection filter
  4. Motion estimation filter
  5. Old motion picture restoration filter
> Old Motion Picture Restoration Program in Visual C++.NET 2003 (PhD Degree) I have rewritten this program in Visual C++.NET 2003 with MFC(Document/View Architecture supported) and a new motion estimation(Predictive Diamond Search) and a new video restoration method(Exemplar Based Inpainting)
> Defect detection by SROD and Restoration by Exemplar Based Inpainting methods
> Disocclusion
> Logo Removal Program in Visual C++.NET 2003
> Recoloring Program in Visual C++.NET 2003
> Image Inpainting Program in Visual C++.NET 2003
> Video Processing Program in Visual C++.NET 2003. Input Avi file must be 24-bit(RGB). Some dll files may be required. Download(45K, zip file)

Blotch Detection


Blotch Removal




Latest news

September 15, 2005: Implementing SROD defect detection and Exemplar Based Inpainting

May 22, 2008: Webpage updated


VirtualDub is a video capture/processing software

Avisynth is a powerful tool for video processing

Cimg is a C++ library for image processing

OpenCV is a library for real time computer vision